Hi All,

Here is the new list of the club executive for 2014 / 2015. There have been no changes this year.

President – Max Stulberger VE1IC
Vice President – Bernie Bonnar VE1UT
Treasurer – Dave Vail VE1GM
Secretary – Dennis d’Entremont VE1XT

73 de VE1XT

Mini Stevenson Screen

Author: ve1xt

From VE1GM

Want to protect your outdoor temperature sensor from the rain? Put it in a Mini Stevenson Screen made from the bottom half of a 2 litre plastic milk container. You may have seen a regulation one at an airport or an experimental farm. Three of the ships I worked on had smaller versions mounted on the port and starboard bridge wings so you could use the one on the windward side.

Regulation Stevenson Screen

Regulation Stevenson Screen

Mini Stevenson Screen

Mini Stevenson Screen

VE1ZN  –  Jack Higby                       VE1BU – Wilf Maillet

VE1GBD  –  Glenn Diggdon            VE1EJA  –  Eric Arsenault

VE1LHG  –  Les Goreham               VE1TES – Trudy Shand

VE1ALG  –  Bill Crawford                VE1JAX  –  Garth Wyman

VE1XAM  –  Max Witherall              VE1JS  –  John Scott

VE1ZX  –  Brad Ross                        VE1BFB  –  Abbie Ross

VE1DN  –  Darren Nickerson          VE1DES  –  Don Saulnier

VE1JCJ  –  Justin Cottreau              VE1DJF  –  Don Fraser

VE1IC  –  Max Stulberger                  VE1VLR  –  Valerie McDow

VE1UT  –  Bernie Bonnar                  VE1VAR – Veralyn Bonnar

VE1RB  –  Jim Harris                          VE1GM  –  Dave Vail

VE1HRT  –  Hart Stoll                          VE1FP  –  Tom Boudreau

VE1LEO  –  Leo Lombard                   VE1JC  –  Dave Doucette

VE1GA – Leigh Hawkes                      VE1XT – Dennis d’Entremont

VE1HQ – Sheldon Donaldson            VE1QO – Scott Crowell

VE1CB – Claude Bourque                   VE1AJM – Arnold Muise

VE1EFR – Frank Reeves                      VE1EWG – Emery Gavel

VE1LOU – Louise Gavel                        VE1GUY – Joe Hatfield

Yarmouth Air Cadets Amateur Radio Club holding Code Practice in 1964

Yarmouth Air Cadets Amateur Radio Club holding code practice in 1964

Yarmouth Air Cadets Amateur Radio Club holding code practice in 1964

CQ, CQ, CQ calling all Yarmouth Amateur Radio Club members.

The club now has the ability to issue your very own email address using the ve1yar.com domain.

If you are interested in having your own YARC branded email address, callsign@ve1yar.com, please send me an email at ve1xt [at] ve1yar [dot] com. Please include your call sign and the email address you wish to use as this is a forward service (like the callsign@rac.ca addresses).


73 for now!

Club Secretary

Field Day 2014

Author: ve1xt

Here are a few pictures from this year’s Field Day. It was held at VE1GA’s QTH on the Saunder’s Rd in Yarmouth County. Pictures courtesy of VE1GM.

This year’s annual supper social will be held on Thursday July 17th at 6pm at the Rodd Grand Hotel in Yarmouth.

If you plan on attending, please RSVP by contacting Donnie Saulnier (VE1DES) via telephone at 742-1858 or by email at ve1des@ns.sympatico.ca. You may also RSVP via Dave (VE1GM) or Bill (VE1ALG).

Please RSVP at least a week before the event so we can ensure we reserve enough seating for everyone who wishes to attend.

Scanner listeners are also welcome to attend!